Wednesday, November 30, 2011

The Woman on the Tram ?

No apologies for jumping on the bandwagon here, as I watched that creature in action and to say I was disgusted is the least of it. Then doing a quick run around the internet, seeing people actually defending her, and saying "she has mental problems" was enough to send me climbing walls in fury.  She has a problem all right, you cannot convince me that she wasn't drunk as a hoot owl.  

The first thing I object to about this "poor" woman is that she professes to be a MOTHER.  She sits there with a little guy on her knee, to my eyes looking scared as hell, and uses the most foul language, shouting and yelling, swearing and making bigoted comments.  And never once does she consider him, not once.  If she is like this in public, what on earth is she like in the privacy of her own home?

You have to laugh at the stupid bitch really, and the ones who say she has mental problems. She sure does - any form of racism is a form of mental problem.
Her performance, and correct me if I am wrong, but that is all it was -  a performance - did lead me into other thoughts.  She is the tip of the iceberg from what I read and see lately.  Yes, she is bigoted, but so are many others.

Her attitude is not confined to white people either, it comes from both sides from what I can see. 

She was arrested?  Has nobody learned yet that you simply CAN'T legislate against hatred?  You can't legislate against race - that just turns the legislation back on you big time, as we have witnessed many times. 

Brixton 1981

My opinion is that bigotry is a learned behaviour.  It is very difficult NOT to learn bigotry if it is practiced in your childhood home. My own father was a bigot par excellence - and instead of my learning from him, I just felt sickened by his hatred.  An unreasoning, unreasonable, ignorant hatred. He would have cheered (as many others have) at that demented woman on the tram
Toxteth 1981

The trouble is, many people can't get their head around the crap written in the bible by the 54 little scribes employed by jolly old Lord Bacon, who was happily altering things to suit King James and himself, as well as his Masonic beliefs.   So we have the emergence of people with different or coloured skin being no better than animals, amongst other assorted rubbish.

Somehow this crap has perpetuated itself down the ages, and has translated into ignorance, bigotry, hatred - you name a negative and there it is.  I am always reminded of an old song where a man asks little children what they think a certain word means. When he comes to prejudice the little girl says "um, I think it means when you are sick?"  Yeah! 

Don't you dare get me wrong either, people with coloured skin are just as prejudiced, don't worry.  You have seen examples for yourselves I am sure.  Sometimes their feelings can be understood, and sometimes not.   Often people seem to hold dreadful grudges for absolute centuries - time to let go and move forward maybe?  Whoever is doing the hating, it is a vicious circle.
Brixton 1981

My biggest rant is about how people become indoctrinated by organised religion.  I don't care what damned religion it is, they do indoctrinate and I dare anyone to contradict this view.  If you do, I want to see you explain fully WHY you believe that religion does NOT indoctrinate?  I mean, come on?  You are preached to over and over ad nauseum about the things your organisation believes.  Year in and year out. 
Brixton 1981

We went to Sunday school when we were kids, as many do, and ours was Baptist - you know they get you to sign "The Pledge" that you won't drink alcohol, and at the ripe old age of about 9  or 10?  What?  Kids that age, back then particularly, hardly knew what alcohol was?  But it isn't indoctrination, by any means, oh no!

Toxteth 1981

So then you have a group of people, from ANY country and religion, moving to another country, one which doesn't happen to share their religion.  And what happens?  Under normal circumstances most people try to integrate and become part of their new community.  Fine, they can build their own churches etc.  There are always those, however, who choose to cling to the ways of their 'old' country, their traditions and taboos.  Many of which have roots deep into their religion. Many of the religions from poorer countries take root because of poverty and lack of education.
Lack of education equals ignorance and poverty, wherever it is experienced equals anger and frustration.

Brixton 1981

We saw and still see it here in Australia, with little communities forming, of Serbs, Croats, Chinese, Greek, you name it.  They are some sort of hard core I feel, as the majority just get on with their new lives as peacefully as they can.  Maybe a lot of them cling together because everything is different and frightening, I don't know. It is no way to become accepted into your new society though. If someone has been here 30 years and still can't speak the language it is time to ask questions, no?

Brixton 1981

There is always that fanatical little neucleus though, who spend most of their time trying to foment trouble, who either work behind the scenes or are blatant about their goals. The current troublemakers here are the fanatics who are fighting to go against the law of our land and have their own Sharia Law introduced - one rule for us and one for them. 

I wonder what planet they are on, because they sure aren't living in Australia - and if their religion and religious laws are so important, I have to ask WHY they left their place of birth in such a hurry in the first place?  These people knew before they came that our lives were completely different, so why did they emigrate here.  Why were they given permission to emigrate when their views are so fanatical?  Don't get me wrong, this is not a call for people to "go home", o.k.?   I am genuinely MYSTIFIED about this.  Totally baffled.  I mean, I know what it must be like in places like Saudi, and tell you what - there is no way on earth I would EVER go there, not even for a holiday!

Toxteth 1981

Next we will have public stonings and the so-called 'honour' killings happening here.  Way to go!  Straight back again to the 1600's everyone!  It's a wonder that someone doesn't decide to form a religion where we all run around in animal skins, live in cages and men bash a woman over the head with a club when we they feel randy. After all, the cave men weren't that many years before 1600.

I fear that England too is sitting on a powder keg.  It will get much worse before it changes in any way - and I do hope it changes for the better.  The race riots in UK in 1981 will seem like a picnic in the park.  And they were horrifying at the time.  My feeling is that the government and the Police Force at that time were more to blame than anyone.  Their policies actively promoted racial tension, and anyone who didn't see the riots coming had their heads in the sand big time.  We who saw it coming were very afraid.

The governments today are doing the same, bending themselves double to cater to minority groups who are hellbent on taking over for their own fanatical reasons.  Seems the people of our elected government are more terrified of what MIGHT happen if they don't kow tow than of what WILL happen when they do.

Take note, British Government, this woman on the tram is speaking aloud what a great number of people are feeling.   You ignored the public feeling in the 1970's - time to wake up and think about a change of direction now, in 2011.  It is simply wrong to change the law of the land to cater for a vocal minority of newcomers. It's a bit like making the whole class bow down to the class bully, isn't it?

Wake UP Australia - if we don't have the courage to stand up for our own country and our beliefs and way of life, the "lucky country"  will bleed tears of blood.

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