Things I Love, Things I Hate

This is a tall order!  Things I love are many and varied, and often subject to change without notice! There are some things that stay the same, and one of them is my love of animals, with very few exceptions!  I surely can't love a crocodile, but feel that somehow most people can forgive me for this small aberration! Meh, I don't care whether they are prehistoric or not, they are revolting!

I love gardening, although now that I am not well all the time I am not able to do what I could a few years ago.  The poor garden tends to shriek neglect rather than love at the moment.
For my granddaughter, whom I also love  (surprisingly!) my happy times come when I am sewing or knitting for her.

I don't do as much as I used to with genealogy, but I truly love digging around in our past, and find great satisfaction being a detective for the family tree.   The things I have found out would make your hair curl!  (Shame it had no effect on mine though!)

I very much like trying crafty things, although I can't actually say I am very accomplished at anything.  Still, it is fun.

Reading, I loooove reading and always have.  It doesn't matter what the book is, I will read it.  I have always adored Science Fiction, although nowadays it is mainly Fantasy and very little hard Science Fiction that is being written, sadly.   I happily devour thrillers and murder books, horror and mystery.  I am not much on romance, although I do read and admire J.D. Robb/ Nora Roberts.  That is probably as close to a romance as I will come!

Things I hate.  Cockroaches, mice, rats, people who chew with their mouths open.

I loathe and detest con artists, predators of women and children, murderers (with few exceptions).  I despise dirty people.  There is no need to be dirty! 

I only hate one person in the world.  Those who know me will know exactly who this is!