Who Am I?

I am Carol Staples, aged 63, a mother to one wonderful daughter and one miracle granddaughter.  I do not have strings of letters after my name, stating that I am an educator or a psychologist.   What I do have is life experience - good, bad, indifferent, you name it.  I have more patience that is probably good for me!  Through my life I have been a greedy reader, and love to research as well.  

My family and friends come to me for help, and I have laughed lots when they called me "wise one". 


It was not until I joined the Facebook social media that I realised how very many people reach out for help, of all sorts, every day of the week.  Often they go unnoticed, which to me is beyond sad.

So, Gran to the rescue!   Surprisingly, I found that in more cases than not I have actually been able to help someone, even if it was just to send them a cyber hug. I am not a judgmental person, it is not up to me to be anyone's critic or judge.  

As a result, I have become honorary Gran to dozens of mothers on Facebook, and feel that the one who has benefited the most from this is me!  We share lots of love. And a lot of information and happiness too.

Therefore, if you need help or advice of any sort, please feel free to contact me and I will do the very best I can to assist you as quickly as I can. 

You can contact me via my Facebook page, just send me a private message.  Or email me at  cazcuz1@iprimus.com.au