Sunday, November 27, 2011

ACT Measles Cases Confirmed

I am convinced that people who do not vaccinate must never have had any of these awful diseases, or they would never leave their children at risk.

Updated November 23, 2011 20:06:43
Orana students who are not vaccinated against measles are being urged to stay away from school until next week. Australian Capital Territory Health has issued an alert after four cases of measles were confirmed in the territory. Three were detected at the Orana Steiner School in Weston, and the fourth case involves a younger child.

Two children have been admitted to hospital for treatment.
Parents of unvaccinated students at the school have been advised to keep them away from classes until the end of next week.
The ACT President of the Australian Medical Association Iain Dunlop says parents should exercise caution. "If they know of a measles epidemic or know of children who have measles, they should avoid contact if they haven't been vaccinated," Dr Dunlop said. "And even those who have should avoid close contact with children with measles. Once the rash is there the contagion is much less."

Parents are being warned to look out for measles symptoms, and keep their child at home if they develop a fever, tiredness, runny nose and a cough. A measles rash often appears two to seven days after the initial symptoms.
Source ABC News

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