Friday, November 18, 2011

They Starved a Disabled Child

Just when I think that maybe we can have some happy news for a change, I stumbled upon the frightful case of the mother ( Angela Norman) and nurse (Mollie Parsons) of a 14 year old girl with cerebral palsy.  They have just been charged with involuntary manslaughter.  Now, I want to know if I am the only one who thinks that the word "involuntary" should have been left out of the charge, because it looks to me like deliberate murder.

Angela Norman

This poor little girl, Makayla Norman, died on 1st March, from "nutritional and medical neglect complicated by her chronic condition" according to the county coroner's office.  I wonder if Ohio has strange laws about what constitutes murder?

"She was the worst malnourished child this office has ever seen," Ken Betz, director of the coroner's office, said Thursday.

This pair of truly EVIL women were charged, along with TWO other nurses.  The other nurses were charged with failing to report child abuse or neglect.
It seems that this poor defenceless little girl died only minutes after she had been rushed to hospital.  She had many bed sores, and showed other signs of neglect.  The prosecutor described the home as "vile and filthy".

Mollie Parsons

The little girl was supposed to have been cared for by her mother, with the nurse administering care for six days of the week.   The two other nurses were Williams, who was supposed to supervise Parsons, visit and inspect the living conditions and also physically assess Makayla every 1 to 2 months (30 to 60 days);  and Kilby, who was supposed to visit twice a year to also check on the conditions of the home, assess Makayla's health, needs and care.

Kathryn Williams, 42, of Englewood, and Mary K. Kilby, 63, of Miamisburg, were each charged with failing to provide for a functionally impaired person and failing to report child abuse or neglect. No attorneys were listed for them.

Kathryn Williams

What really beats me is that Children's Services apparently "couldn't substantiate any allegations" in September 2009, when they had a referral about the family.  You can't tell me that this child was receiving loving care one minute and being neglected and starved the next.  I won't believe it for a minute.

The girl's mother, Angela Norman, also was indicted on a felony count and a misdemeanor count of endangering children. No attorney was listed for Norman, whose age was listed as 42 in jail records.
Mollie E. Parsons, 41, of Dayton, was indicted on charges of involuntary manslaughter, failing to provide for a functionally impaired person and tampering with records.
Little Makayla weighed only 28 pounds when she died.  That is just 2 stone, or 12.7kg.  A tiny, vulnerable, helpless child.
“This victim looked more like a skeleton than a 14-year-old girl,” (Prosecutor) Heck said. “Not one of them did anything about it. If one had, we wouldn’t be here today.” 

Mary Kilby
I am amassing bullets here.  Send them to Texas, they execute in Texas!

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