Saturday, November 19, 2011

Giving The Gift

Why do I do it?  I do it every single time, whether it is birthday, Easter, Christmas or  bloody bandicoot day.  It takes me forever to think of just the perfect gift, the exact thing that says "I love you" and shows how much I care.  Whether it is for the tiniest family member, or the old fart himself.   And then what happens?

I give the rotten thing early.  It just so happens that I did it again this afternoon.  The old fella goes off to golf with a social golfing club every fortnight or so. They visit a different course each time they play, and tomorrow they are playing at a course which he always has trouble finding.  No matter how many times he has been there, he invariably gets lost.  He was trying desperately to find the route on the map, and couldn't. 

To be fair, he does have cataracts which interfere with his close vision.  So I looked, and discovered the map he is using is from 2008.  Now this city never stops growing, so I found the newest map book we have - hahaha 2009.   What had I bought him for Christmas?  Yes, a 2011 map book.  So out it came, and I worked out a route for him. 

THEN he said he was hoping his (out of date) GPS would work tomorrow.   Shoulders drooping, and exceedingly pissed off with myself, I went and got his "special gift" - a new GPS system.  My fury at myself knows no bounds!   The trouble is, I do worry so much because his concentration is really poor and if he has to try to check his whereabouts he may well drive off the road or under a truck.

So it's back to the drawing board for me.  Himself?  He is gleefully charging up his new GPS, and has the new map and my written instructions on the passenger seat of the car.  What do you want to bet he gets lost?  Laughter here, I would put mucho money on it!

Now what do I do for him for Christmas?  A pudding? Sometimes I wonder about me, I truly do.  Still, on a positive note - I don't have to wrap it now!

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