Saturday, November 19, 2011

Extra Special Drunk Drivers??

Came across some not so new pieces about driving whilst drunk as a hoot owl.  I do NOT condone drink driving, but you gotta admit that some of these wags really are a liquorice short of a box of Allsorts.  Some of them made me laugh, some made my hair stand on end.  I selected a few for you.  But please do remember - drunk drivers are murderers.

The first one is fairly local, some dill from Noosa, a little north of here.  He was pulled over and given a breath test, blowing more than three times the legal limit, at 0.160.  Now this is a 23 year old, not a little kid.  He didn't know that what he was driving was classed as a vehicle.  So I guess you would love to know what he was driving, right?  

It was an Esky (a box you put ice in and then your beer, to keep it cool).  Stop laughing now, this Esky was powered by a 50cc two-stroke engine, and it has a top speed of 20kp/h.  In a statement to end all statements, the magistrate said:

“It’s an unfortunate situation. If he’d been drunk on a horse he’d have been okay,” Mr Parker said, as reported by News Ltd.
“Never the less you were in a motor vehicle… on a motor vehicle… and there must be a penalty.”

The fool and his motorised Esky
 Now I'm sorry, but the magistrate is a bit of a dim bulb too, as he had to look up the law pertaining to what is considered a vehicle.  Erm, I would have thought that if it has an engine and you drive on the road it is classed as a vehicle? hmmm?  Correct me please if I am wrong?

And an oldie from 2010, a UK man was banned for driving for three years, for being drunk behind the wheel of .......... a PINK BARBIE CAR.  Now this clown, a supposedly intelligent man, was tested at twice the legal limit.
He had found the car and was repairing it and after a few brews he had an irresistible urge to test drive the car - when he ran out of pavement he drove on the road....... sprung!
What made me literally fall about laughing was his confession that:
"I was very surprised to get done for drink-driving, but I was a twit to say the least".
Now really, mate, your own brains should have told you, but then I guess they must have been a little constricted, because you actually said:
“You have to be some kind of contortionist to get in and then you can’t get out,” he said, revealing you have to drive with your knees under your chin."
On a scarier note, a woman was arrested in Joyner, a suburb I frequently travel through, and her car was seized.  Her blood alcohol level was more than SIX times the legal limit -
Police say the 41-year-old recorded a blood alcohol level of 0.313 after being pulled over in Joyner, 25km north of the CBD, about 6.20pm (AEST) on Friday.  The legal blood alcohol limit is .05.
The woman has been charged with Type 2C drink driving (0.15 per cent and above), obstructing police and driving without a licence.
As this was the SECOND time this year she has been done for a high range drink driving offence, I think that her car should be not just seized, but crushed into a neat cube.   Her?  Lock her up guys, this dangerous bitch obviously doesn't care about anyone else on the roads, does she?

As our advertisement says "If you drink and drive, you are a bloody idiot".


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