Thursday, September 29, 2011

Suicide by Email

No I am not going to top myself, giggles coming out of me everywhere now (truly).  I am so very tired as not slept at all last night, just lay there whining to myself.  And that isn't a new phenomenon either!  So I went onto my blog and replied to a couple of comments.  When I scrolled down the page I could have sworn I saw "Suicide by Email"  so it stopped me cold.  I sat for a second and scrolled down again. Only to find it said "Subscribe by Email" which truly set me off into hysterics.  It is probably through tiredness, but also my sight is total crud.  I am scarily short-sighted, and have bad astigmatism (apparently these were caused by measles, sigh).   So, I cannot get on with a pair of bi-focals, I can't wear my contact lenses any more because of a disease of the eye similar to herpes virus.  When I need to read or do anything on the computer, for example, my glasses get perched on the end of my nose.  I think I am running out of nose.....

Today has been a weird day in a week of weird days.  My sim card for my mobile phone died, and I cannot remember when (snigger) - could have been last night but mush memory won't reveal that detail.   I charged up the old mobile (hours and hours and tedious hours) and transferred the sim to that phone.  Nope.  Kept saying "Insert SIM card".  Well listen, you prat phone, I have.  So today it decided to rain like billy-o for the first time in what feels like months but I am sure is only weeks.  Right when I am about to leave for the shopping centre.  Hey ho.

I presented self at the Vodaphone kiosk and the nice young fella gave me a replacement SIM card, and took a load of details from me.  He put all into the computer and told me it would probably be half an hour, but sometimes could take up to 3 hours.  In half an hour I was to switch phone off and on again and I would be registered to the network.  Hmmm...  oh no I wasn't.   Four hours later, nothing, nada, zip, zero.  So I thought ok, phone 3 Network and see what happens.  There I met a really nice lady with an unfortunately heavy Indian accent.  Sigh.  With perseverance we got through it though.  She was  cross about the Vodaphone guy, and said he should have phoned them, they didn't even have a request for registering new SIM!  So oh dear, he is in trouble as she is giving feedback to the manager.  Upshot was that because of the messing around she activated my SIM immediately! Hooray.  Wish she didn't bother as all there was on the phone was missed call about 4 to 6 times, some fool trying to sell me insurance.  Grrrr - get off my phone.

I couldn't believe how busy it was at the shops, insane.  I think it must still be school holidays but who knows now my girl isn't at school.  Someone said it was as bad yesterday, no parking spaces to be had and there are five enormous car parks, so there must have been thousands there.  Everyone was in such a happy mood though that it was quite a pleasure to be there!

I told the shop assistants that it was awful, grey and pouring rain, but when I came out it made a liar of me, as the rain had gone and the sky was blue, with sun shining.  Um.... ha ha. Not the world's most exciting day, but for me it was tiring, as I did the grocery shopping as well.  And was so bushed afterward that all I could do was come home!   Poor old hag I am!  

Our other not exciting thing was that one of the cordless phones has gone kaput.  Which is royal pain in the backside, as we have a phone down each end of our house.  Which is BIG.  So if the phone rings I find myself ducking out of the rumpus room sliding door, shuffling across the patio and in the kitchen sliding door to answer it - that being the shortest route from A to B - and every time but one I have just made it when the caller hangs up.  Argh.   Not impressed at all.  I did fiddle with the other cordless, and it worked for 5 minutes, but could hardly hear the caller, and then the phone went dead again.  Hilarious as they can hear me, but I can't hear anything except dead air.

So that is one dishwasher dead, one tumble dryer dead, one phone dead and one sim card dead.  What happened to things coming in threes?


lisa :) said...

Oh that sounds so much like my life at the moment ... i guess ive had my three now .. window, laptop and water leak (along with the small stuff)
Even tho this blog makes me think 'oh no poor you' it still made me giggle ... your way with words is brilliant :) xxx

Carol said...

Oh thank you Lisa! I get such a boost when someone comments, I don't mind if it is negative either lol. I have been so fortunate to have just nice comments so far! I am fine, and I hope things get better for you soon. xx