Sunday, September 25, 2011

Attack by Piranhas and Wild Dogs

Well the angry ant is well and truly on the warpath now.  My blogging friend Amy "Mimi" Wylie put up a blog, commenting on what the UK Government are saying about older mothers and risk, and obese mothers and risk.  Fair enough?  Health authorities world wide agree about the risk to obese mothers, and by that they MEAN OBESE, NOT JUST A BIT OVERWEIGHT.   They are the ones who have to try to save the mother's life throughout the pregnancy, and save the life of the growing baby.  And then at the birth they are the ones who have to try to bring both mother and baby safely through the delivery.  After delivery, they are the ones who have to try to stabilise the newborn and sort out any problems the baby may have because of mother's obesity.  So they are going to be concerned, and why not?   And it is YOUR tax money paying for this too, by the way.

However.   If someone puts up a blog, and expresses an opinion, it is not meant as an attack on ANY ONE of the BLOG READERS ok?   And what happened after this blog went up?   A flood of filth was directed at Amy, personally:  hate mail, vicious comments, the works.  Amy says:

"Most involved my parenting and my children. Yeah, thanks for that, its not like I already doubt myself as a mother or anything!
Then I was called a f*cking nazi bitch and told I should rot in hell. Apparently all my children should be taken into care etc etc. One message had me in tears, telling me that I deserved to lose my children. She went into detail how they would be ripped from me whilst they screamed for me. I have spoken to the police about it, and they will be coming to see me on Monday."

Now I ask - what in the hell is wrong with you people?  Did you even read the bloody blog?  Obviously NOT or you wouldn't attack someone in such a vicious, cowardly fashion.    I am disgusted, absolutely livid, and I hope I never find out who send these vile messages to a  decent young woman, because I honestly don't know how I could contain my fury.    You should hang your heads in SHAME!   As for attacking someones parenting skills - that again is the lowest of the low.  Judge not, remember?   This is an absolute, utter disgrace.  The cowards who did this don't even have the guts to comment openly so that everyone can see the vileness they have spewed.

If you are overweight, wear it or lose it - don't fly at someone like a pack of wild dogs because they happen to talk about OBESITY  -  DO HALF OF YOU EVEN KNOW WHAT OBESITY IS?   Or do you just believe that because you are size 18 you are obese?  GET SOME FACTS EH?    And what Amy mentions in her blog about Morbidly Obese?  I agree - morbidly obese - you got any idea what that means, or are you just flying off into a rage because weight is mentioned and you KNOW you need to slim down?    By gee I do, loads, but I don't launch savage attacks at anyone who points this out to me.     Let me explain to you piranhas what MORBIDLY OBESE MEANS :

From the medical dictionary :   Obesity traditionally has been defined as a weight at least 20% above the weight corresponding to the lowest death rate for individuals of a specific height, gender, and age (ideal weight). Twenty to forty percent over ideal weight is considered mildly obese; 40-100% over ideal weight is considered moderately obese; and twice the ideal weight is considered severely, or morbidly, obese.

Note - Lowest DEATH rate.  

Morbidly means unhealthy or unwholesome.  In other words, someone who is suffering from the problems associated with being twice or more the weight they should be, which includes heart problems, breathing problems, diabetes, up to a third increased risk of some forms of cancer, risk of stroke, as well as many other medical problems.

Also, to those who would argue that some people who are morbidly obese have a genetic or glandular problem the response to this is:

Note: Mutations in the leptin gene are linked to insatiable appetite, morbid obesity and clinical defects which respond to leptin therapy. However, leptin gene mutations are ‘case report rare’ and for most of those suffering from morbid obesity, the problem is not genetic


In other words, the majority of us only have ourselves to blame.

I just wonder how many of the women (and I am using that term loosely here) who emailed Amy were able to sleep soundly and peacefully the following night?  Because quite honestly I hope you never have another undisturbed night in your lives.  What you did was reprehensible (look it up, don't stay ignorant all your lives), it was worse than outrageous.   It was literally vile.    It is times like this when I am so ashamed of my sex that I cannot adequately describe how I feel.

This blog is NOT directed at anyone except those who chose, of their own free will, to misinterpret what Amy said, and to launch their sneaky, vile and disgraceful email attack.  YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE.