Thursday, September 29, 2011

One Bullet Each


The parents of a 10-month-old girl used a jug to force-feed her until she died, the Old Bailey has heard.The baby was made to take solid foods, including meat and cereals, through a spout probably for months until her death in March 2010, jurors heard. She collapsed and died from pneumonia caused by her airways being filled.Her mother, 31, and father, 37, who lived in east London and cannot be named, deny allowing or causing the girl's death through force-feeding.
The court heard the girl's mother was a nurse and her parents had been giving her solids from the age of six months.They also have three other children who had all displayed signs of inappropriate feeding and had been warned about the dangers of force feeding, jurors heard.Andrew Edis QC, prosecuting, said: "This is a very sad case. She died because of the method by which her parents chose to feed her at the time she was being introduced to solid food. "The allegation is one of force-feeding. If you have a child who is distressed and choking, you do not carry on." Jurors were told the child was given no choice and the food had overflowed into her lungs. Mr Edis said: "It involved the use of jugs - pouring food into the mouth of the child. "The spout was placed into the mouth of the child to prevent her closing it when she did not want any more - to prevent her having any choice." He said, being a nurse, the mother would have "a degree of extra insight". "An ordinary mother would think twice or more before using a jug to pour food into the mouth of a child," he added. The trial was adjourned until Friday.

When this popped up on my News Feed in Facebook I was so absolutely stunned and distressed. I cried as I read it, for the innocent baby who would have had no idea what was happening to her.  This pair need to be stood against a wall and shot.   What they have done is mimic a form of torture where the victim had liquids forced into his stomach, usually water, until the stomach burst.   

The so called mother in this case is supposed to be a NURSE?  Un-bloody-believable to put it politely.  Can you imagine being nursed by an object like her?   God help her patients if this is how she treated her babies.  My poor mind can't comprehend the horror of it. 

And you really have to laugh at the prosecuting QC don't you?  I think his remarks should go down as the under-understatement of 2011.  "An ordinary mother would think twice or more before using a jug to pour food into the mouth of a child," he added.   What a flaming stupid, dense, pathetic statement, no?   An ordinary mother would think twice or more?  Come on you dork, get into the real world here, NO mother except for some evil bitch like this would even THINK about using a bloody JUG to forcefeed their baby with.   And you call yourself a prosecutor?  Huh?  I am glad I have faith in juries, I really really am. 

Now everyone knows that I advocate bringing back the death penalty.  And why I advocate it.  One bullet each.  This whole thing makes me feel sick to my stomach.  The article has glossed over what has been done to the other three children.  We can only imagine what "inappropriate feeding" means.
I cannot say rest in peace little angel because I don't believe this babe will ever rest in peace after what was done to her.  And I loathe that saying with all my heart, for the simple reason that babies should never have to "rest in peace" - they should never have to be "angels". 


vicky said...

Vile isn't it. I couldn't believe it when I read it. It reminded me of the method used to force feed geese used to make fois Gras. Disgusting and abhorrent and shocking. How. Does it even cross your mind to feed a baby in that way? I hate weaning btw as its hard and fussy and stressful sometimes but at no point did I think when weaning my first 'i know, I'll get a funnel and jug and pour it down her throat, that's the magic answer to her feeding problems!' wtf! I would like these 'parents' dead please. I'll do it myself if the government find capital punishment a bit too much to stomach. And while im at it we'll stick Tracy Connolly in the lineup as well and that witch who ran a pub whilst keeping her daughter upstairs locked in her room whilst forgetting to feed her. Repulsive abnormal monsters. I dont even like to think how frightened the baby must of been because it makes my heart ache. Going to sleep now. X

SMH said...

What on earth were they thinking? it's hard to get your head round isn't it?

Carol said...

Ladies Yes, it is frightful. My tiny granddaughter has a food phobia caused by the reflux, but as Vicky says at no time did any of us even conceive of using a jug and funnel. These people are pure evil I think :( xx Thank you so much for your comments, it is most encouraging ! :)