Thursday, September 29, 2011

Notes to Myself

That always makes me laugh like a loon - 'note to self"  and yet here i am making notes to myself.  I need notes as my brain is mush lately.  Trouble you get when you just simply can't sleep, or when your sleep patterns are simply stupid.  

Note 1 -   never turn on the desk lamp in the study.  The dust shows up something frightful... :(

Note 2 -   maybe a dog is man's best friend, but a dog is woman's fur factory on legs........ :(

Note 3 -   if you put both feet into the same leg on your jeans you are bound to get stuck, if not fall over.  :(

Note 4 -   always unzip before trying to take trousers off, you cannot possibly get them off otherwise  :(

Note 5 -   if you turn on the cold tap then it is useless trying to turn off the water using the hot tap :(

Note 6 -   your hot drink will be hot if you boil the kettle first :(

Note 7 -   no, the kettle won't boil unless you turn it on at the wall, stupid  :(

Note 8 -   no, your backside is not small enough to fit onto the step of the folding ladder  :(

Note 9 -   never carry bucket of fresh water for dogs using the handle.  Now handle has broken you have to mop up the flood in the laundry :(
Note 10 -  if husband isn't wearing hearing aids leave window closed when trying to talk to him.  You will only know you are loud when the neighbours join the conversation :(

Note 11 -  the washing line on the patio is only designed to hold a few kilos in weight.  A full wash will bring it down   :(

Note 12 -  before using nebuliser it is wise to ensure the top and bottom of bowl are secured to each other :(

Note 13 -  likewise for the plastic tubing.  Smart move is to check that it is pushed firmly into place.   :(

Note 14 -  do not attempt to spy on people through clean glass window.  Glass is closer than it appears :(

Note 15 -  before going to the local shop check footwear.  Fluffy slippers dotted with who knows what and covered in dog hair is not classy  :(

Note 16 -  to avoid all out war do not bring home multigrain bread :(

Note 17 -  before cleaning teeth with battery operated toothbrush it is a neat idea to make sure the brush is pushed on properly.  (additonal note to this one - make sure you have found and cleaned up ALL the toothpaste from bathroom walls) :(

Note 18 -  when bending down to put bags on back seat of car make doubly sure that door isnt in the way :(  (I just told you walking into a door is not going to be believed by anyone, don't you ever learn?)

Note 19 -  always leave bedroom door wide open at night.  Nobody believed you last time you left it halfway open and walked into in on way to the loo in the dark.  I walked into a door is not going to be believed by anyone   :(

Note 20 -  always have someone leaning on the shower door when you bath the dogs.  Otherwise have someone standing by ready to mop walls and ceiling when said dog bolts out and shakes mightily while still covered in shampoo  :(

No doubt there will be at least another hundred notes before the end of this month.   You would think we live and learn wouldn't you!

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