Monday, February 13, 2012

Why In Hell Should We Pay For Migrants To Have Holidays Back 'Home?

Rant alert!   Some things make me angry, and some things make me fly into a rage.  This is one of the latter. I have just read an article in The Telegraph, dated Sunday 13 February.  The article states that The Islamic Women's Welfare Association has said that our Federal Government should give subsidies to new migrants to 'visit overseas relatives' and we should also consider how to 'facilititate the purchase of homes for new migrants' - because they would like to live near their 'own people'.

There is a lot more about compensation from the Government 'to retain migrants in their country of adoption'.

Look, I don't care if you are black, white, brown, green with blue spots, are catholic, muslim or a bloody frog worshipper - this is surely the biggest piss-take of all time.  Compensation?  Facilitation? Get real for pity's bloody sake - you wanted to come here to live, presumably because you will now have all the benefits of a first-world country, including education, medicine, housing and food, and a wonderfully free way of life.

Living near your 'own people'?  Oi! You!  You are living in AUSTRALIA - does that not mean that Australians are now your OWN PEOPLE?  And as for the bit about facing a lot of sacrifices "such as having to travel long distances to visit relatives, spending on communication costs, missing out on some events occurring in native countries etc."  well, I am so crying for you.  I really am.  You surely thought of this before you decided to come here to live, didn't you?

Hell's bloody bells - I went and lived in England for donkey's years - we didn't even have a damned telephone to keep in touch with family - and as for asking for government handouts - NEVER.  I had a normal dose of self-respect and pride in myself, and made my own way, thank you very much.
Why should the Australia Taxpayer hand money to anyone, no matter who they are, for such things as this?  Ever heard of writing a letter you women?  Or are you just being totally way out to get yourselves noticed?  

If you were so worried about keeping in touch and missing out on events in your own country then how come you decided to live here in the first instance? Please tell me that?  I really would like to know your reasoning.   You could always be like the Germans, I mean they have Oktoberfest everywhere they go.

As for this little gem? "Its submission also said that migrants should be free to build their own places of worship "without prejudice or discrimination from the communities they live (in)".  Since when did anyone stop you building your mosque?  First we ever heard of it.

The thing that really makes me seethe about all this, well amongst all the rest of this absolute tripe and bullshit, is that you come here to live and yet you want to still live in the country you arrived from????  Why is that?   You ever heard of integration?  I would guarantee that 99% of other migrants integrate - they become part of this country and the people who are so proud to call this home.

This goes up on the board with the disgusting comment in the lead-up to Australia Day that anyone who flew the Australian Flag on Australia Day is a 'racist'  - get outta here, Australia Day is all about Australia - yeah it IS racist!  And proudly so.  Without Federation we wouldn't have this country the way it is. 
You don't like it?  You know what you can do, and I guess you have heard that before - so I will say it again.  You don't like it?   Don't come here, or don't stay here, because guess what?  People like you are NOT welcome.

As I said, I don't care what religion, race or original nationality you are, when you emigrate you integrate. There are not parts of this country that are new settlements for foreign countries, with laws, religion etc of their own. Get off your arse and work and save like everybody else does when they want something. That's why they call us the 'Aussie battlers'. 


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