Tuesday, February 14, 2012

To The Abusers Of The World

I am so sick, so weary of hearing the excuse that so and so committed rape or is a sexual predator, or an abuser or whatever the hell because they were young victims of the same treatment.

Come on - you weaselling sacks of shit - everyone on earth sees straight through you, and you all use the same old tired 'reasons' for your self-indulgent actions.  There is NO excuse, NO justification, NO reason for anyone to perpetuate the torture they endured in their past.  Having been victimised does not excuse you now that you are the perpetrator.

Bloody well get real.  Out there in the teeming millions of people on our planet there are also millions who have endured the worst childhoods imaginable.  Many of them worse than anything you suffered.  And the vast majority want better for their children, and work their backsides off to ensure their children's present and future is not a repeat of pain and abuse.

Look, most countries have access to media of some description, have education available to them, and there are very few humans who do not have peers of some description.  Either neighbours, family or friends.  We all learn from these, and especially from our peers.

You must know, I am convinced that you bloody well do know that what you are doing is abhorrent, abnormal behaviour, that it is not how decent, moral, clean folk live their lives. But YOU?   It is self everything with you.  Self-centred, self-indulgent, selfish.  Add arrogant and malignant to that scoreboard please.  You don't give a damn about anyone else, all you care about is self-gratification. You don't bother to even attempt to exercise one iota of self-control. 

So your father beat your mother? You knew it wasn't normal. You were terrified, your siblings were terrified, your mother was terrified.  Why, knowing and experiencing this, do you now feel it is right for you to follow in your father's depraved footsteps?  Does it make you feel like a big powerful person to terrorise your family, your helpless and innocent children?

News Flash - it makes you the exact opposite - a small, petty, vicious and nasty bully.  A person with a shrivelled soul.  Abusing women or children is not powerful.  Your colleague?  He had the same sort of childhood.  His goal in life is for his family to only ever experience security, love and safety within their home.  They return that love unstintingly.  HE is the GIANT. Of the two of you, he is the one who has made a LIFE for himself.

You KNOW you have problems, trouble with self-control and anger?  Get help!  Simple as that.  If you can't move forward by yourself, ask for and expert to help you.  You get a mechanic to fix your car, don't you?  So what's the difference?  After all, it's the first step toward becoming a man...

What? What right have I got to berate you?  Every right in the world.  Fellow travellers is what we were. My childhood?  A father who was an emotional cripple, whose idea of fun was mental torture and verbal abuse, unrelenting abuse.  He was a drunk, a bully and a total coward around other people - but not so with his family.

My goal for when I 'grew up'  was to never be like him, in any way.  So yes, I have a right to hold up a mirror to you.  Who do you see when you look into that mirror, I wonder?  Does your family despise you as much as you despised your father?  Do they live in terror of your arrival home?

Me?  I sure hope my goal has been achieved.  Judging by the love I am given by family and friends it seems I have.

Think about it.

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