Saturday, December 10, 2011

I Googled Christmas Wreaths?

||Artificial insemination for goat class||: ||artificial streaks ...
bulk wholesale artificial christmas wreaths. artificial satellites in indian express. artificial poppies for sale nz. artificial pumpkin vine ...

Dear Google, or should that be Goggle?

Thank you for your enlightening information!  I am sure getting an education  in the ways of the world around me.

It seems, however, that your little search men got all twizzled up with their satellite, as the search returned the most amaaaaaaaaazing results.  In fact, I should just check out some of the sites to see what in hell the little men found for me.  For example, what, oh what is a "leroy-artificial-vagina"?   I daren't even begin to ponder this one.  

And what a crackup, who would want "artificial satellites in Indian express"?  Express what? Total hilarity here, just saying.

The most astonishing result of all, one which for the life of me I can't see having the slightest bearing on artificial wreaths, was the return of "artificial insemination for goat class".   Goat class of what?  Class of '11 maybe?  Low class of goat?  The poor mind is overheating and the jaw is aching from the spontaneous laughter.

Just as a last query, why would anyone want an artificial pumpkin vine?

Kind regards,
Your favourite searcher,  Carol
p.s. thanks for all the laughter I have.

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