Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Iron Strikes Back

I bought a new iron.  It' s the slam! It really is. It has all these little holes in the bottom, and steam comes out of them!  Yes, yes, I know about steam irons, but my old one didn't any more. There was more steam coming out of me ears from frustration than there was coming from the iron.

That little squirty thing was all blocked up too so you couldn't spray a wrinkle.  I was reduced to going pthui phtui on the wrinkle, which takes a long time to wet it really.  Bit like the good old days when you used to spit on the iron to see if it was hot.  If it went 'ssssssssss'  you knew it was ok to go ahead.

As for a shot of steam?  Well you probably have guessed?   Press le button and voila!  Lots of little tiny grey flakes all over the shop.  They must breed in the tank I think, because every iron I have had ended up shooting my clothes with little grey specks.  And sometimes sort of brown rusty marks. That always makes me ears steam too.

Anyhow, this iron is molto good, it is pretty as anything, has green bits and all on it.  And it is a nice calming green.  For once the designers thought about it - I mean, your state of mind when you have to iron calls for calming, doesn't it? 

Maybe I should be taking a listen to the THIB (Thinks He Is Boss) and just not bothering.  After all, he says, the wrinkles will fall out when you wear it! (doesn't work for my face, I can tell ya)

When I have finished admiring my new iron, with the super dooper long cord, I might even fill it, plug it in and iron a t-shirt.  Maybe.

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