Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My Audience is Amazing

I guess I am not the best at the bloggy stuff!  A lot of it is a complete mystery to me really, and every time I think I have cracked it, blogger comes up with something new that totally confounds me.  What I have just found, in amongst all the complexities of design, layout, template and the rest, is a little thing called Stats.  Poking around in the gizzards of that I found that I have an amazing audience, which blogger gives as follows, which is country and number of blog views:

United States  111
United Kingdom  47
Australia  42
Canada  14
India  5
South Africa  5
France  3
Philippines  3
Portugal  3
Belgium  2 

This is astonishing to me as I have no idea who all these people are!  Just praying they have actually read a blog here and there, and liked it.  It is quite lonely thinking you are sitting here talking to yourself!
Thank you to whoever you all are, I so appreciate the fact that somebody stopped by for a visit!


SMH said...

Yes it is quite fascinating, I often wonder, it's great when someone e mails out of the blue which has happened to me sometimes, makes it worthwhile. Fron one of your 47 in the UK!!

Carol said...

Thank you! I appreciate your comments so much! xxx