Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Joys of Wearing Glasses

That magic moment when you put them down and then can't see to find them

The amazing feeling of being lost in a cloud when the iron steams up your glasses and you can't see a thing

The wonderful heart starter of leaning forward and hearing your lenses crash onto the floor

That wonderful swoop in your stomach when you have new glasses and step off the kerb ...

The attractive bump each side of the bridge of your nose, why, it even makes you look like a film star..

The attractive dents behind your ears from the legs, and the cute little red patches either side of your bumpy hooter

The thrill of going to look through a window and bashing your face on the glass... oh! it was closer than you thought!

Then there is the surprise you get when you go to the hairdressers and can't see what they are doing - until they have finished and you put your glasses on again. hmm

Oh, not to forget the zip you get when you come out of the air conditioning into the humid air and your glasses fog up - when you are right in the middle of the pedestrian crossing...

The heart in mouth surge you get when you accidentally sit on them

The tropical holiday feeling you get when they slide off your face because you are sweating like a navvy....
Oh the joy of wearing glasses!


SMH said...

I hate glasses, they steam up, when cold the lenses fall out, they slide down my nose, I lose them, all of the negatives in your post, its' contact lenses all the way for me!!!!!!!!

Carol said...

Lenses are great! I can't wear mine any more because of a problem with my corneas, sigh, weep! Thanks for your comment! x