Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Why Not Give Them a Lobotomy? Why Only 32 Months for Torturing Babies?

I have just read the most horrific news item I think I have seen for a very very long time.  Frankly, it is unbelievable what people can do to their own children.  In my mind, this pair of evil, twisted, corrupt psycopaths need a frontal lobotomy at the very least. 

And they videod themselves torturing their children?  How sick can you get?  Can you get any worse than this?  They forced a SPIDER into a toddler's mouth, pinning her down as she screamed and cried. 

They made another child hold a BABY against a RADIATOR, and the baby received severe burns.  The article says a paramedic discovered the baby in a shower, and he was taken to a burns unit.   This foul,  sadistic, unthinkable act was their undoing.
I would like to know how long they took before contacting someone for medical treatment for the poor poor little baby, as this was part of the charges against them.   How could anyone inflict such cruelty?  Their own children?  Anyone's children, for that matter.

They said the spider incident was a "joke that went too far"...??  However, on the video they are seen to be smiling? It disturbed me even more that "relatives of the children cried as the videos were shown" .... apparently they had been torturing the children for a very long time, so how come nobody seemed to notice anything wrong?   The children are reported to have problems.  Well, gee, why am I not surprised?

They had sex in front of the children.  Oh nice, you foul creatures, really entertaining isn't it?   

They blew an AIRHORN in the baby's ear?  Why in the hell would you do something like this?  This pair are totally corrupt.

The judge said :

'You mercilessly inflicted suffering. You sounded an airhorn. When you did it you recorded it for posterity, or more likely so you could look back at it for your own enjoyment.
It is unbelievable, these children were terrorised systematically"
Rachel Drinkell 24

James Kirman 31
Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2044578/Grimsby-couple-James-Kirman-Rachel-Drinkell-spider-toddlers-mouth-jailed.html#ixzz1Zj6VHQLQ
So, I ask WHY oh WHY do they only get such a short sentence?  The children are scarred psychologically for life, and this disgusting pair get off virtually scot-free.  What price justice?


Chell Cave said...

This makes my blood boil...someone that hasnt paid there council tax gets a longer time.

Need to be looked up and there bits cut off.

Carol said...

Hideous hideous people. I agree with you they need the key throw away :(