Thursday, September 22, 2011

Hissing Sid - The Story So Far

Well Hissing Sid has been here only a week and the kids are counting down the time he has remaining.  My daughter said that he makes them feel uncomfortable in their own home.   Son-in-law said it seems that Hissy believes everyone else is beneath him.   Well, he hit the nail on the head.  

He judges everything, literally everything.   As far as his granddaughter is concerned, he has no time, tolerance or patience whatsoever.  He has actually used the word "brat".   Um, she is not yet 4 years old?   And when she got tired and as little kids do she got manic, he said "she is deliberately winding herself up".   The man (and I use that term loosely) is totally lacking in understanding.   

I know there have been a lot of things going on in their home that I probably won't find out about until later, as there is so much to tell and we have limited time when we see them, but the thing that really has me wanting to do murder is the fact that Katie said her endometriosis pain is pretty awful.  That happens when she is under great stress.   

Last night Fifi had a bad night, with tummy ache, and she woke a bit - so Hissy had to get his snide dig in this morning, saying something to the effect that "it was incessant".   Katie just said, "yes, poor little girl".   He would have been furious because he had been woken in the night, well tough bikkies mate, small children tend to wake during the night, especially if they are not well...

One incident Katie told me about, I honestly cannot believe the man - he is 66 years old, in case you are wondering.  Fifi had her little people and other toys in the washing baskets.  As Katie was helping Fifi with her breakfast she said that she would do a load of washing, so she would need one of the baskets, and perhaps they could take the little people out.  Maybe they could put the people in Fifi's pram.  Fifi was ok with this.  Next thing Hissy went marching off into Fifi's bedroom, and of course Fifi was upset and called out "no, don't go into my room".   He ignored her, and marched back out with her dolly pram. He started to throw things out of the doll pram into (I think) the toy box.  Fifi wanted the dolls etc left in the pram so she tried to get the pram from him and stop him, after asking him not to throw her toys out.  He snarled at her that he was "trying to help mummy".... It ended with HIM having a tug of war with Fifi over the pram - she is a little kid for pity's sake.  He lost his temper (so what's new?), snatched the pram, marched off and hurled it into her bedroom and stomped off into his room and shut the door.  Fifi was crying and ended up under her mummy's bed, and mummy got under there with her.  Why did he have to interfere, Fifi was happy enough to empty a basket when she had finished her breakfast.   She sees him behaving like a spoiled 2 year old, and then he has the audacity to say she is a brat?  hmmm   Oh, she told him later that he was mean.  I agree! 

Sophia is learning, she is a little kid, and having him sitting there with his arms crossed and his mouth permanently screwed up in disapproval, a look of scorn in his eyes, must make everyone feel sick to their stomachs.  The intolerance and contempt he feels is apparently palpable. He had very little to do with Katie's upbringing except to  ignore her, and yet he has said about Fifi  "I wouldn't tolerate that"  - um, yeah?  What would you do?  Smack her around a bit?   Whereas we would just remind her that she needs to say please! 


The biggest tell?  She jumped onto his knee and he went 'oof' and put her on the floor, so she did a kid thing and jumped back onto his knee.  It was a game, it was funny to her. He was sooo angry, grabbed her and plonked her on the floor hard and stormed off.  He does a lot of the spoiled child act, stomping off into his bedroom.   Makes you think, doesn't it?  He is 66 years old, acting like he was Sophia's age - 3 years 7 months.   The huge difference between Hissy and my other half is that when our little girl is here my other half will be down on the floor with her, playing games with the dolly house or the toy of the moment.   The same with her other grandfather!  They actually love her and understand that she is a child, and is really quite a well-behaved little child at that.   She is not a robot, nor is she a dog that you can train to sit when you tell it.

And since this waste of oxygen ex has been here, Fifi has been doing a bit of playing up.  I wonder why?

There are other things I learned about today but I won't go into them, all we can do is wait for him to leave,  and pray that Katie and Mark can stand it for another 4 weeks.  I believe that if it gets too much they should front him together and say that they feel he is not comfortable staying with them, and they will book him into the nearby motel so that he can have some peace.   He won't want that!  He won't want to spend the money.  With luck he will leave early.  ha

Fifi's other grandparents are livid about him too, he is the only one who thinks he is right, and strangely he is the only one we know who dislikes and disapproves of his only grandchild.

Oh, and another facet of this charming person?  Day seven of his visit, and he has yet to have a shower.........

Katie summed it up, she said "as far as he is concerned, children should be seen and not heard".   Yep, exactly.

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Nel said...

Very Very Brave indeed to have such a MONGREL BARSTAD with such a beautiful family. We will wish hard together that "it" leaves sooner rather than later.