Monday, April 9, 2012

The Headline Was "Million Dollar Baby"

I am being way judgmental here, and not going to apologise for it!  My THIB (thinks he is boss!) showed me an article in the Sunday paper - with the above title.

A couple, who have two little boys, went to USA for the honeymoon they 'never had'.   She was 24 weeks pregnant.  To cut a long story short, the baby decided to pop out early, at 24 1/2 weeks.   Mum is now stuck in  Orlando, Florida, with her prem baby Gracee in hospital, while Dad has returned to Brisbane. 

The couple had holiday insurance with AAMI  but the company said that "Gracee was not covered by their policy because she did not exist at the time of cover".   AAMI is also refusing to pay Mum's medical bills, as  she had a "pre-existing condition" - i.e., pregnancy.

According to the news report, it is costing approximately $5,000 a day, PLUS doctor's and specialist's fees for Gracee.  Mum's hospital bill, for three days, was $30,000.  So far the bill for baby Gracee has reached $300,000.  It is expected she will need to remain in hospital for a further 60 to 80 days. 

Added to the silliness already racked up is the fact that as Gracee was born in USA she cannot enter Australia until she has a Visa.  That I find quite strange and rather extraordinary - after all, my daughter was born in UK and yet I registered her birth with the Consulate and she automatically became an Australian Citizen.

Something about this is either a bit off or mis-reported.  I guess it must be something to do with the laws in USA?

There is now a campaign to raise money to help the couple and their baby.  They have paid "as a show of good faith"  $10,000 toward the medical costs.

Now comes my judgement ok?  The lady in question said she already had two children who were born full term, and therefore she figured this pregnancy would go to full term.  Hmmm.  Didn't she realise that all pregnancies are different?  There are NO guarantees, none.  Anything can happen, and at any time, and often does.  And I don't  know about any other mums out there, but at 24 weeks pregnant, whether cleared for travel by a doctor or not, I would be sticking fairly close to home.  For obvious reasons!  

As far as AAMI goes?  They aren't the only ones who don't cover pregnancy and childbirth, from what I read.  In the AAMI Product Disclosure Statement, it is stated quite clearly that pregnancy and childbirth will not be covered.

One of the comments I have read about this unfortunate incident says "An unfortunate gamble by these parents, that has ended up costing them for the rest of their lives.. "

Me?  I just think they were irresponsible.  And they obviously aren't the smartest pair on the block........

Two morals - read the damned document, and don't travel 12 hours on a plane when you are so far advanced in your pregnancy....

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