Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Who Is This Gina Ford? She Is Obviously Unbalanced..

Those of you who know me also know I don't live in England (although I did at one stage!) so have never heard of this Ford woman.  She sounds like a complete moron, to be honest.

She is described in the Mail Online as "Britain’s most popular childcare writer" - which has me baffled and stunned, as according to the article she has never had children?   How on earth can anyone write about child care when they have never been a parent?   It's beyond me how she can be the most popular, particularly in light of what appears to be her latest effort at advising mothers of a new baby.

According to her, "women should show sexual interest in their man four to six weeks after having a baby".... even if you don't feel like it!   She must be from some other planet I think.  Whatever happened to new mums being advised to refrain from sexual relations until six weeks, at least, after the birth of their baby?
This Gina dame is quite insulting towards men - she seems to think that your man will lose interest and trot off somewhere else for the odd bit of nooky if you don't come across asap.  Never mind that you are both overwhelmed, exhausted, shell-shocked,  and generally struggling through the toughest time you have experienced as a couple.  Especially if mum has been through a traumatic birth experience, is stitched from here to there and back again, has had a c-section, is still bleeding,  or is just plain still horribly sore from the birth.

She actually advises that sometimes "you may just have to grin and bear it"......what?  That is sure the way to stop your partner from feeling 'emotionally closed out' - come on you stupid woman, do you have any brains at all?   Do you honestly believe that our men want us to go along with 'sex'  just for the sake of their 'needs' ???   Where the hell is the intimacy and emotional closeness in that?   What, lie back and think of England?    Think about what colour to paint the ceiling?  Meanwhile trying not to shriek because it hurts so much, and your breasts leaking all over the shop, and the baby screaming in the crib next to the bed?

How unreal is her advice?   I am frankly appalled that anyone could write such complete drivel, and then even more appalled to read that she has "made millions from her childcare manuals" - now I really really would love to know who has paid for advice from this idiot?  And now this advice from a new book she has apparently written, laughing all the way to the bank, whilst merrily wrecking people's lives.  Never mind the extra, unwanted pressure she happily puts on new mothers - as if they needed extra stresses at this time.  You want an extra guilt trip?  Buy this idiot woman's book.

This woman is a troll, pure and simple, and she is taking the mickey out of anyone who is foolish enough to fork over hard-earned money for anything she has written.  She obviously has the lowest opinion of men, and is extraordinarily ill-advised about what a breast-feeding mum can and cannot drink  -  one of her tips  -  "getting in the mood by drinking wine".  So in other words you feel so unwilling and unable that you will need to get drunk and let your partner use you like a prostitute?

That is healthy, is it not?  Really good for your relationship.  I noted also that :

Miss Ford has been criticised for her views, such as those in 1999’s The Contented Little Baby Book, which urges new mothers to let their babies cry themselves to sleep via her ‘controlled crying’ technique. The most controversial tips in her new book come from mothers who have contributed to the forums on her website, 
Oh my, oh my - so any mother, whether she is knowledgeable or not, whether her parenting methods are poor or not, has been quoted in her book - as some sort of expert one assumes.  How bloody dangerous is that?   And the controlled crying thing?  Everyone (I hope) knows I do NOT and never will agree with this.  And now?  There is extremely credible information published, about how the danger of letting a baby cry it out at night.  Leaving an infant to feel alone, abandoned, insecure and desperate creates unnecessary hormone surges, which can greatly affect them for the  rest of their lives, and also affect  how they deal with stress.  One article from Natural Parenting in Sydney states:
Controlled Crying, also referred to as Comfort Crying or Sleep Training, are well documented to be harmful to the child's brain development and her emotional connection to her mother and even in other relationships later in life. 
When you leave a baby to cry, you are not teaching her independence, or the ability to 'self settle', rather the  baby is learning not to ask for her needs to be met, because 'no-one is listening and nobody is coming'.  In effect, the baby shuts down emotionally on some level.  Crying also has negatitve physical effects on the baby's brain development and through the high level of stress hormones that are released into the baby's body during prolonged crying out. 

I wonder if this ugly woman realises that even from as far back as five or more years ago it was recognised that controlled crying is dangerous?  And by ugly I mean her nature - anyone who writes the things she has written is truly ugly.

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