Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Why Not Tell The Truth?

You know everyone lies now and again, and we would be terrific liars if we said we never did!  We know kids lie, and the do it to keep out of trouble, or whatever.  But when an adult blatantly lies about things that are going to be found out, well that takes the bloody biscuit as far as I am concerned.

Wonder what I am thinking about?  I'll tell you because I can't tell HER.  To give you a little story, I have had the most rotten bad luck over the past few years with my mobile phones.  They are all made in the wilds of the Okefenokee Swamp I think, and are so infested with swamp bugs it isn't funny.  And if I have the spelling of the swamp wrong, that is tough.  Hard cheese Louise, and all that.  Because I am really over it.  So. Take a breath in, a breath out.

My daughter suggested I get an IPhone, to which I screeched 'what? and pay a grand? No way Jose" or similar gentle words.  She kindly said she could find one cheaper for me.  So she spent who knows how long online, going on different sites and looking for a second hand phone for me.  I stuffed up because she showed me a couple on "Gumtree".   Now you understand I am feeble-minded and old and basically dimmer than a 40watt - and so used to eBay crud like photos and the like, that I immediately said 'oh no, there are no photos on there, and I can't see how much it is, and it says email but then it says they won't answer emails, and ....... and ....."   blah blah.  Don't ever try and teach an old lady new tricks - moral of the story.

Poor kid tried to explain it to me, and I was ranting away in a total panic because she said you have to go to the seller's house.......aaagh I can't do that, I just can't.  This one is a long way away, I can't travel that far, blah blah.  (Here we go again, sigh.  Poor daughter).  She told me she would travel for me, and I got muddled and forgot.  No, I am not blonde, just dim. And old.  And some days not too well!  (ahem)

Yes madam, it is exactly your size, just pre-shrunk during manufacturing

Upshot was she went on eBay and bid for a 2nd hand IPhone for me.  All went lovely and that.  I paid me money the same night (or the next, I forget - soon as she got an email from the seller anyway).   So we wait.  And we wait. And ages later still wait. Daughter sends email or text to the seller to ask if she got the money.  Seller was away apparently.  Would post the phone on the day she got back, which we calculated as Thursday.  She was paid for Registered Post, said she would send it Express Post as well. Hmmm.  I should have received it last Friday.   No parcel.  Nothing Monday.  Nothing Tuesday.  hmmm (remember, we worked for Australia Post until not that long ago - the woman is pulling a fast one!). 


Now madame seller in Melbourne said she would send the tracking number to my daughter.  At one point my girl sent email or text and the seller replied in the vein of " yes, yes. And I am sending my purple case as well"  - something like that.  A bit, 'piss off, you are bugging me' type of thing?  uh huh.   So yesterday, being Tuesday and all, my girl sends a text asking for the tracking number please and thanks as no parcel has arrived.  Woman says she is at work and will send number when she gets home?  After that? Nothing, nada, no contact. uh huh. 

What happened this morning?  First thing?  An Australia Post Platinum Express Delivery arrives, to be signed for.   The absolute of the absolutely guaranteed NEXT DAY DELIVERY.  The lying cow didn't send it until YESTERDAY.   It has taken her about 2 weeks to send the phone, and when it arrived?   Contrary to her assertion that it is like new, like it was just out of the box - it has scuff marks and the glass front has chips out of it.  Lying cow.  And no little implement thing so I can put a sim card in it.  And NO purple case!  um.....   why lie?   Mind you, I didn't want a stupid purple case, but that is beside the point yeah?  I do NOT understand people like this.  I didn't pay a huge price for it, but I still feel that I, and other bidders, deserved the truth?    And that I deserved the truth about posting time.
Maybe it is me, maybe it is the way of the world now, where dishonesty is second nature to many. It is wrong, whatever the reason, and it has nothing to do with "what you get for buying from eBay".  It is all to do with that particular person, who cheated, and lied. You can be cheated and lied to by salespeople looking you in the eye as well....

Personally?   It stinks, and if you tell someone the truth they are more likely to be calm and patient, and will also have enormous respect for your honesty.  You get a lot further in life with honesty than with lies.  And don't forget that great thing, karma!  Melbourne lady?  It will come back and bite you fair on the bum.  You'll see.

There.  Gran has said her bit.

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