Sunday, January 1, 2012

Yawn, Another Year, Another Million Dollars Blown Up

I guess when I was young a new year seemed exciting, except for the celebrations (so-called) on the evening before.  Oh hell, how I used to loathe the New Year's Eve parties.  So much so that I would use any excuse to get out of them.  And most certainly around about 10 to midnight I would have to disappear to the toilet and wait there for half an hour. Until all the old fumbling drunks had finished slobbering over every female in sight, and grabbing a quick feel most times as well.

Oh, not to mention all the young fumbling drunks.......eew.  One thing I despise is being fumbled, groped and slobbered over by some strange person.  Even some not so strange person can turn me off instantly by breathing second-hand alcohol fumes into my face and spitting in my eye whilst they stagger, sway to and fro,  and slur their words. Guaranteed to gross me out.

Now?  New Year's Eve is a source of tension, something to be endured until the inconsiderate bastards have finally finished blowing up their extremely illegal and expensive fireworks.  I can't go to sleep, no matter how exhausted or ill I am, as for sure I will be woken any time from 9 p.m. (why 9 p.m. for fireworks?) and won't be able to rest until the last mortar goes off sometime around 2 a.m.  

Alright, I know I am old and crabby but jeez give some other people a tad consideration eh?  We are not the only family who have dogs that are just terrified of the noise, and it is LOUD.   Last night someone having a party must have blown up thousands of dollars worth of gunpowder... and every damned dog in the district was either barking, howling piteously, cowering in a corner, or escaping and trying to run from the noise.   That lot finished finally and someone else took over.  I honestly don't understand the attraction?  I don't much like fireworks, they stink for a start.  Oh yeah they look pretty when the huge displays are done, but half an hour in your back yard is just an excuse to bloody show off.   You people would have been better off giving the money to charity.

The worst of it is that since 2000 New Year celebrations, every man and his stupid wallet buys fireworks for any occasion.  And now the dogs are petrified of a storm - thunder is a huge bang and the dogs can't distinguish between it and fireworks.  When we still had our Staffies I had to sedate them every time we had a storm.  Simply because of the hours of fireworks on New Year's Eve 1999.  My dogs are fortunate, we have never gone out on New Year's Eve since then.  Other people have, and have lost their beloved pets, when they escaped and were run over or never seen again.

Why, oh why do you let off fireworks?  I need a reasoned answer please.  They aren't pleasing, they stink, they have a loud noise, people get badly injured and even killed by them (for example the little girl at the school fireworks at Strathpine), they start fires, AND THEY ARE ILLEGAL IN THIS STATE.  So what's your excuse, lamebrain?

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