Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Woman Rapes 11 Year Old Daughter

A mother of four who raped her 11-year-old daughter and filmed it as a form of "sex education" has been jailed for four years in Australia.
The 37-year-old woman from Queensland's Sunshine Coast made three films using her mobile phone showing her raping her youngest child and exposed her to other sexual activity "in response to repeated questions," The Sunshine Daily reported.
Judge John Robertson said sexual offenses against children by their own mothers were "rare," describing the relationship between mother and child as "seminal in our society."
He told the woman she had "no psychological or intellectual reason to explain this shocking behaviour," as she had "a normal loving upbringing with parents and family who still support you."
The court heard that the woman started seeing the father of her four children — 16 years her senior — when she was "virtually a child" at age 14. She had her first child at 16.
She later began a cyber-sex relationship with a man and "became obsessed with sex." She would allow her daughter to view sexual videos the two sent to each other.
"From the start you characterized your behaviour as some form of bizarre sex education with the child which did not involve sexual gratification from you... You were obsessed with sex and your life was in chaos," Robertson reportedly said.
He also said the mother, through her "selfish criminal conduct," had deprived her daughter of the right to "a wholesome and loving relationship with her mother."
Judge Robertson suspended the four-year jail term after the woman has served one year, leaving a three-year jail sentence hanging over her head and ordered her to do three years' probation.

Maybe a firing squad?

What did I feel when I saw this article?  Sick with horror is the least of it.  What part of this woman is missing, that she should be able to do this to her own daughter?  I think I need a big gun, and a lot of bullets, don't you?   There are so many individuals like this in the world that it makes me wonder why we don't just get rid of them as soon as they are found.  And the misguided Judge?  The man needs his head read I think.

Or the electric chair?

These predators want to live by the law of the jungle?  Let them die the same way I reckon.  This type of person is an aberration, and in the jungle any animal which is born different is an aberration, and is killed.  They put the safety of their own kind at great risk.  Sometimes, as with an albino animal, for example, they don't last long anyway - they are simply too visible to be able to successfully catch prey. 

Even lethal injection.
So perhaps it is time for us to take a stand, and get rid of the twisted, warped, evil individuals in our world.  To make our world safer for our children, and for womankind.  My only hesitation is that their deaths would be far too kind and humane.  Call me sick and evil if you will, but my anger makes me feel that no mercy should be shown to those who prey on the vulnerable and innocent.  Perhaps even less mercy on women who are predators, for they are the most vile of all.

The Chinese people don't mess around.

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