Sunday, January 29, 2012

Oh! I'm Going To Jamaica!

So many things make me laugh, and this was probably the funniest I have read for many a month. Apparently the Jamaican men aren't getting enough, you know?  I know this news is old (2009) but it really tickled my funny bone.

They are doing what is, I think, misnamed as an "erotic dance" - called "daggering".  From this - and really, it is just good old dry humping (snigger) - there has been a spate of......wait for it...........fractured penises.  Now why that should make me fold up laughing I really have no idea, except for the mental image I get of some guy with a splint on his weenie. Then again, maybe he only needed a Bandaid...

The silly fools do this "daggering" (talk about blow your own trumpet) on the dance floor, of all places, and have taken it into the bedroom, with less than desirable consequences.  If the guy is getting a fracture, what in hell is going on with the women?  No mention of them, typical.

This ridiculous 'dance' is becoming so popular that the Jamaican government have now stepped in, (laugher offstage) to ban songs and videos with blatantly sexual content.

The Jamaican Broadcasting Commission enforced the ban in February 2009.

I guess they are athletic, if nothing else!

The quotes that made me totally lose it?

The community is divided over the dance, with singers up in arms over the ban, saying it stifles their right to free speech, but others welcome the ban.

“Daggering is a dance that makes you unleash the beast! If you ain’t know what I mean think about every sex position and put it in a dance,” commenter Driva said of the dance.

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