Monday, November 21, 2011

A Very Beautiful Woman

We have had a quite wonderful day, having a visit from my two girls to brighten us up.  We didn't do a lot, and as usual there was so much to say that we  ran out of time.

We love you Katrina

It was just, ah how do you describe how it feels to spend time with your daughter and grand daughter? I have no idea how to put it into words, and maybe there aren't really words to express these feelings!
The huge problems with being unwell and not valid (funny ha ha) is how restricted you are, and how damned difficult it is to choke on your pride and admit you need help.  After years of being the parent and being there for my kid, being strong and being the one who came to the rescue, the situation has all suddenly blown inside out.  It often leaves me feeling ashamed and angry that I am so pathetic - anyone would think I am 90 not 63. 
Then I turn it around 360o  and am so proud to have such a wonderful daughter.  I honestly don't know what we would do without her, and the past year has been so difficult for her, with both of us abruptly becoming old farts in need of looking at.  I mean, looking after!  Nothing is too much trouble for her, she even feels she doesn't do enough, which isn't true at all.  Something went right because we have produced an amazing, beautiful, compassionate, gentle, caring and loving woman. 

We always have been so proud of her, but the strength she has shown over the past years seems to increase daily.  She has not only been running her business, running her house and taking care of a not quite 4 year old, but also caring for ailing parents and a mother-in-law who had her leg in plaster, and was in a wheelchair.

We love her so much, and can never thank her completely for what she does for us, nor can we adequately explain how wonderful she is.  Something that touched me to the heart was when her mum-in-law said  "she is such a sweet, lovely girl",  and I replied "yes, she is everyone's special grand daughter".   Mum-in-law looked at me with a smile and said "I was talking about Katrina"......  

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