Sunday, November 6, 2011

Manufacturers Take Note - Rant Alert

Shopping for groceries a few days ago I noticed that Coca Cola have come up with a new gimmick, aimed specifically at kids - bottles of Coke with children's names on them.  Now come on Coke, you can't tell me you are that desperate for sales that you have to specifically target kids!  This is the lowest thing I have seen since those nefarious Alcopop things came out.   As if there isn't enough rubbish consumed by our offspring as it is.  Hey, Coke?  You wanna pay for our dentist's bills?  Huh?   I can actually see someone taking you lot to court in the future...

Rant Two is about the manufacturers, and they are numerous, who have introduced the most sneaky, underhanded, low price rises by reducing the size or weight of their product.  I have kept my big mouth shut about this for too long.  To me this practice stinks to high heaven and back again.  So what? I hear you say - what does 25grams less matter in the overall scheme of things?  It matters a great deal, you do the math - oh, I forgot, you already did the math didn't you?  And you have now ripped the consumers off for millions.   One biscuit less in a packet?  And the price stays the same until a month later, when it is increased?  hmmm   You make me fume! 

Rant Three is directed at the designers of those infuriating sealed covers which are found on a variety of foods.  My most UNfavourite is the Leggos tomato puree.  I DEFY YOU to "pull here" and get the damned cover unstuck and peel it off.  It just wont peel off, not once.  There is nobody in our family who can get the stupid thing to unstick.  We end up using a knife.   Take a hint from the makers of the yoghurt pots, they know how to do it. 

Rant Four?  Well gee I could go on and on but this one is my favourite rant.  Dear makers of Mentos.  Why, oh why do you have a tube of 'dragees'  (sounds like some thug or other) that opens at BOTH ENDS?  If you squash a sweet out from the top of the tube, the bottom pops open and you lose the whole lot on the ground.  AAAAGH.   Sort it out, you twits.

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