Friday, October 21, 2011

Does This Chocolate Make My Bum Look Big?

Oh what amazing fun - I just discovered an event I had no idea existed, and all I can do now is double up giggling.   The object of my mirth?  Salon Du Chocolat in Paris.

It was apparently the 17th annual Salon, where fashion designers and chocolatiers from around the world come together with their choccy creations, and showcase them on the runway.
Besides cocoa-based confections, there are exhibits, chocolate-making demonstrations, chocolate sculptures, a bookstore and a Cocoa Show in which cocoa-producing countries present traditional music and dances from Bolivia, Brazil, Indonesia and other locales. One of the biggest highlights is the annual runway show of chocolate and pastry-inspired fashions, this year sponsored by designer Chantal Thomass.

For more,  see UPI photos here
The first picture I came across had me in total fits, tears rolling down my cheeks (facial ones!), until the thought hit me that only an ultra slender model would be able to get away with this design.  It makes even her derriere look rather wide. 

Then the dreadful worry - what about the heat of the lights, and the audience, even the model's body heat?   They must need to have the air conditioning turned to -3deg.  Just imagine the mess if it all started to melt and run.  Not to mention the naked bodies!   Would there been a stampede from the audience for samples? Would they have a fist fight over the cherries?

One thing, I imagine it would be tremendous fun, not to mention an education.  Having visited the shop "Death by Chocolate" in Sydney some years ago, I think I would restrain myself from sampling.  They really meant what they said by "Death"  - too much of a good thing is very easy to have when it combines chocolate, fresh fruit, fresh cream etc.  And the desserts were each big enough for 4 to share.  Kind of ridiculous really.  You have two choices - eat and be ill, or waste it shamelessly!   Divine but ridiculous!

Just imagine your next "posh frock" being made of chocolate!  Do you reckon you would actually get out the door, let alone to your destination?   Especially if you have a few tiny rug rats running around - or an amorous partner with a sweet tooth.   The mind runs away with the thoughts .............

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